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Lifestyle Portrait of Eeva Mölsä, Journalist. photographed in Bali, Indonesia, for publication in “SPORT” magazine, Sweden.

Lifestyle Portrait of Eeva Mölsä, Journalist. photographed in Bali, Indonesia, for publication in “SPORT” magazine, Sweden.

When it comes to creating images that capture your story your way, I can say I got what it takes. A car, professional camera equipment, an adventurous creative spirit, and the experience of what it means to be a business owner.

“No one is you and that is your power.” – anon. 

Be you.

I collaborate with small business owners, social influencers, performers and artists to develop their personal brand; to get clarity on their mission and motivations. Working together, we’ll create striking images that reflect who you are, tell what your brand stands for, show your work in a beautiful light, and help you to connect with your ideal clients. My photography is strictly about you and/or your brands unique story. A story,
that you are finally ready to tell.

I approach each assignment with the intent of delivering high quality images of your space in a unique and well thought out way.  Great lighting, thought out composition,  and great styling are key components in creating a compelling interiors image. Please contact me anytime to discuss how I can help you get the quality images you've been looking for.  

Interior Design

Great interior design photography pares down the essence of a room to its defining elements, allowing the interplay of color, light, and material to take center stage.  More than any other type of architectural photography, this category requires specific attention to styling, with an eye toward making a home feel lived in, but free of clutter.  The careful selection and positioning of floral arrangements and props can make or break a shot.  The goal is an atmosphere of calm equanimity, where no object is out of place and all are contributing to a single design statement.

Portraits, Lifestyle, Online & Social Media Content

Sometimes we need photography to create a complex interplay between reality and illusion. Welcome to my world. A world of many brands, and many audiences. A world involving many production needs. From location scouting, casting, styling and photo retouching to lifestyle. portrait and details that seem to be alive. A world located, in reality (at the moment), in North Carolina, but a world that knows no boundaries. I am constantly traveling and can be booked internationally.

Influencers and Bloggers

Being a content creator myself, I realise how difficult it can be to get the right and quality photos. Asking strangers to take pictures or trying to get your friends or boyfriend to stand there and be patient while you change outfits is not always easy and doesn’t always result in the quality pictures you need or the constant look you wish for!

Whenever I travelled I reached out to bloggers and offered my help by taking photos for them and I realised how much I love working with them.

Up until mid 2018 I was living in Germany, where I began to offer my photography services for Instagrammers and influencers in Germany and London. I realised there are lots of people out there who need pictures of themselves as business owners, or Influencers who are now working with brands who simply need someone they can rely on to take regular photos. Now I’ve moved to North Carolina and offer my services in North Carolina, NYC, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Germany!

I LOVE taking pictures and really enjoy being an influencer photographer! I get to meet all sorts of awesome people including lifestyle bloggers and fashion bloggers.

I am very excited to announce that I now also offer short simple Videos!